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The best performing street/track tyre I have used

Jeramiah-Thomas-595RSR2009 Superlap Clubsprint Class Champion, Jeramiah Thomas shows off his Mitsubishi EVO Lancer and tells us about his experience with Federal 595RS-R tyres:

“Having done the vast majority of my circuit driving on race compound tyres, the thought of entering Superlap on street / track tyres wasn’t an easy one. Clubsprint class rules required a tyre that had a UTQG treadwear rating of greater than 100, so I needed an extreme performance street / track tyre.After discussions with many of the major brands’ motorsports divisions I decided that my best choice was to use the Federal 595RS-R.

Without question the 595RS-R is to date the best performing extreme performance street/track tyre I have used. The tyre demonstrated quick steering response and lateral grip levels beyond my expectations. I was also pleased to feel how well they stopped the car, even when cold.

Given the same competition rules I wouldn’t hesitate to make the same tyre choice again, the 595RS-R’s were definitely a factor in the end result”.